New and used constructors and LEGO blocks, children's playing and constructing room

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New and used constructors and LEGO blocks, children's playing and constructing room


Children’s leisure, play and construction room

The children’s play and play room is for children of all ages and their parents. For those with a passion for LEGO bricks.

Here you can not only contribute to the construction and improvement of the existing city, but also construct and realise your own imaginative buildings, using your imagination or following the instructions provided. See the city of bricks that changes every day and buy the LEGO set you like. Or maybe you’re missing the details to make your creation a reality? We’re here to help you, because you can find the parts you need or like and buy them in our physical store.

And you can buy the pieces you’ve built in your room to take home with you.

LEGO bricks develop children’s thinking and creativity and strengthen their engineering and mathematical knowledge. It develops children’s social and emotional skills and their imagination.

One of the main aims of BroBricks is to spend children’s time not in virtual reality on smart devices, but in live interaction, playing, constructing and being here and now.

Price for 90 min – 15 EUR. Free of charge for an accompanying adult.

Possibility to celebrate birthdays. Sets are constructed according to a theme or on a race basis (teams divide into several groups and see who can construct one bigger set the fastest).

On weekdays 2 hours – 200 euro.

Friday-Sunday 2 hours – 250 euros.

Number of children up to 10 children.

It is possible to earn a t-shirt, which is available in different colours. The colour indicates the child’s level of construction. There are three: construction lover – red

Construction connoisseur – blue

Construction pro – yellow.

Address: Laisvės pr.79E, Vilnius

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 11:00-19:00,
Friday: 10:00-19:00,
Sunday: 10:00-18:00.